✦ What are your delivery and returns policies?

You can find links to this information in the footer menu at the bottom of every page.


✦ What is the last date I can order for delivery before Christmas?

For orders over £75, the final date for ordering in time for Christmas delivery will be 21st December. This is so I can post these orders the following day meaning they should arrive on 23rd December.

For orders under £75, the final date for ordering in time for Christmas delivery will be Friday 17th December. If you would like to upgrade to faster delivery on order under £75 please contact me prior to purchasing.



✦ How do you make your jewellery?

Each piece starts purely from silver sheet and silver wire. I then form it using traditional silversmithing techniques to turn it into rings, earrings and pendants. If you'd like to see the process then follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I share a lot of behind the scenes videos and photos. 


✦ Do you offer resizing, repairs or remodelling?

No, I do not take on repairs, resizing or remodelling work.  


✦ How should I check my ring size?

In my opinion, the best way to measure your ring size is either to use a ring sizer made up of multiple metal hoops that you can try on to check which one fits your finger most comfortably, or to visit a local jewellers and ask them to do it for you. If you'd like more information about ring sizing then please get in touch.


✦ What does hallmarking mean?

A hallmark is added to a piece of jewellery by an Assay Office after they have tested the metal and confirmed its fineness. In the case of silver, a hallmark is legally required if the piece weighs 7.78g or more, so most of my jewellery does not require one. However, most of my pieces have been hallmarked to give you assurance that they are made from genuine silver. You can learn more about this my clicking the 'hallmarking' link at the bottom of the page.


✦ Can you make your jewellery in gold?

I currently only work in silver.


✦ Can I add a gift message to my order?

I am very happy to hand write gift messages inside any orders for no extra cost, just let me know before or at the time of purchase what you would like written.


✦ Can I have a different length chain with my pendant?

Pendants come with an 18 inch chain as standard. If you would like a different chain then please contact me before you order as there may be an additional cost depending on which chain you choose. I don't currently have the chains listed on my website but generally have 16"-20" chains in various styles.


✦ Why is my jewellery starting to tarnish?

Sterling silver is an alloy containing both silver and base metals such as copper. The copper reacts with sulphur-containing gases in the air to leave a layer of copper sulphide which makes the silver start to look black. Many other chemicals, and even humidity, sweat and oils can also react with the silver causing it to tarnish. This layer of copper sulphide can be cleaned off using a polishing cloth, and the easiest way to avoid it is to wear you're jewellery regularly.